This page is managed by Q.Urah, an attorney-at-law in Japan.

 We will provide the information about the law (mainly IP law) in Japan, Japanese sweets, art etc. Feel free to put a link to this page.

 Currently English site is under construction. Please wait for a while.

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HOME(UPDATED:Dec 24, 2018)English service starts!
REVIEW(UPDATED:Dec 24, 2018)Under construction.
CASES(UPDATED:Dec 24, 2018)Under construction.
CULTURE(UPDATED:Dec 24, 2018)Under construction.
DIARY(UPDATED:Jan 19, 2020)Q.Urah updates the blog on Apr 07, 2019
LINKS(UPDATED:Oct 01, 2019)Q.Urah puts links to Japan Patent Office etc.


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