In this page, I introduce some of books that I have read.

 I classify the books based on Universal Decimal Classification.

 If you want to check a book, you can go to a publisher's page from a link. Click a photo of a bookcover in each page.

0. Science and Knowledge. Organization. Computer Science. Information. Documentation. Libralianship. Institutions. Publications
1. Philosophy. Psychology
2. Religion. Theology
3-1. Law. Jurisprudence
3-1-1. Law in general. Legal methods and auxiliary sciences
3-1-2. International law
3-1-3. Public law. Constitutional law. Administrative law
3-1-4. Criminal law. Penal offences
3-1-5. Special criminal law. Military, naval, air force laws
3-1-6. Economic law. Law of government control of the economy
3-1-7. Civil law
3-1-8. Ecclesiastical law. Canon law. Religious law (option)
3-1-9. Special branches of law. Miscellaneous legal matters
3-2. Other social sciences
4. (vacant)
5. Mathmatics. Natural sciences
6. Applied sciences. Medicine. Technology
7. The Arts. Recreation. Enterteinment. Sport
8. Language. Linguistics. Literature
9. Geography. Biography. history